Rafa Nadal Aiming to Become No.1 Player

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    Reaching No.1 in the ATP rankings was no longer one of Rafa Nadal’s main goals, but the situation has put the Spanish tennis player very close to regaining the throne.

    About the Spaniard Tennis Player Rafa Nadal

    After numerous injuries and fitness problems, there was talk in the tennis world that Rafa Nadal’s career could end soon. Despite the odds, the Spaniard jumps back into the field, that too with great style. 

    Reminiscing about the old days, the 36-year-old played brilliant tennis and won the first Grand Slam of the year, the 2022 Australian Open, reaffirming his prestige.

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    His victory at the Roland Garros bolstered his ambitions and all that remained was hope that his chronic foot injury would improve and he would be able to continue competing this season. 

    Nadal returned three years after his last appearance to compete at Wimbledon, the only tournament where he failed to score any ranking points. Rafa missed the semi-final against Nick Kyrgios due to an abdominal injury, while Novak Djokovic took a hit in the rankings.

    Daniil Medvedev, currently ranked No. 1 in the world, predicts that by the end of 2022, Spain’s Medvedev could become No.1 again. 

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    “I know that at the end of the year, if I don’t try to win every remaining tournament, Rafa will probably be number one,” stated Medvedev.

    The Russian tennis player has to defend her 1,000 points scored in Canada last year and her 1,000 points scored at the US Open (2,000). Now he will be competing in Los His Cabos, then Canada, Cincinnati, and New York.

    Nadal’s Plans for This Season

    But Medvedev’s theory is logical, Rafa has only played eight tournaments this year (four titles and five finals), but after Roland Garros, he played just two matches in Washington last season. This states that he will probably keep adding on until the end of the season. 

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    On his tour to America, he wishes to be present at the Masters 1000 in Montreal, then to the US Open, skipping Cincinnati. He has not played for Canada and Cincinnati since 2013. Because he doesn’t want to play a tournament the week before a Grand Slam.

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