PUBG Mobile NUSA map revealed

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    The newest map for PUBG Mobile, NUSA, was showcased as part of GameSpot’s mobile showcase, Swipe. The upcoming “soon” release of Version 2.2 will introduce the new play set to the battle royale game.

    NUSA has several interesting places to explore, as you can see in the trailer down below. These places include Love Island, Bulan Bay, Shipyard, Pink Beach, Flame Village, Sunset Street, Crystal Bay, and Telepak Town.                       

    The 32-player NUSA map is the smallest ever created for PUBG Mobile. Elevators, zip lines, and healing pools that players can enter are just a few of the intriguing additions that make PUBG Mobile more appealing.

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    Keep checking back for updates as NUSA makes an appearance in PUBG Mobile later in September. Stay tuned for more if you’re just catching up since GameSpot’s mobile show, Swipe is bringing you a tonne of exciting news about mobile games for iOS and Android.

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