PUBG Mobile and Warframe to soon have an amazing Crossover

    PUBG Mobile and Warframe have announced a stunning crossover partnership, bringing the popular battle royale game and the online multiplayer shooter together. PUBG Mobile users may obtain Warframe-themed skins and other stuff by playing and completing special missions and events from March 10 to April 19. More event tie-ins will be announced soon, according to the devs, so expect more Warframe material in the following weeks.

    The renowned PC battle royale game PUBG Mobile is now available on mobile devices. The mobile version has a long history of interesting collaborations, spanning from other video game series such as League of Legends to real-life celebrities such as K-Pop group Blackpink.

    Given the popularity of the franchise, Warframe is a natural fit. Since its first release in 2013, Digital Extreme’s free-to-play shooter multiplayer has been a quiet but growing success.

    In Warframe, players take control of a Tenno, a member of an ancient warrior race caught in the middle of a multi-faction interplanetary battle. Tenno fights in this harsh world by donning Warframe armored suits and using a range of weaponry.

    Players of PUBG Mobile will most certainly be able to purchase Warframe-themed cosmetics, but details on what will be included in the crossover event have yet to be announced.


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