Why is PSG concerned about the relationship between Mbappe and  Neymar – do they have a problem getting along?

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    Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are again in the spotlight after the win over Juventus, but not for good reasons. Rumors are soaring that the Frenchman and the Brazilian are having some internal issues that were evident from the game. The issue arises when Mbappe shoots from a tight angle, ignoring the fact that Neymar was present in the open goal area. The look exchanged by the Brazilian clarified his intentions. 

    PSG was leading by 2-0 at the time, but Juventus soon rejuvenated the game that could have been killed off and halted the deficit. Some netizens have been arguing about the selfish trait shown by the Frenchman. A few people are upset about the fact that the game would have looked different if Mbappe had used the opportunity and passed the ball to Neymar.

    What does PSG’s boss Galtier have to say about Mbappe and Neymar?

    PSG’s boss Christophe Galtier, quickly covering the incident at the Parc des Princes, said that Mbappe and Neymar have a good relationship and often work out together. He further explained that he had a discussion with Kylian and thought that the players discussed the match.

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    He added,” it was difficult for Kylian to pass the ball in the beginning and he couldn’t see Neymar when he was deciding to shoot”. He told the press that it was a difficult decision to make by Kylian in the two seconds interval. He denied that there had been any tensions between the players since then.

    Teammate Hakimi addresses rumors about Mbappe

    Besides the Mbappe and Neymar incident, recently a video of Mbappe surfaced on social media that made fans question his attitude and seriousness toward the PSG team. He was seen shouting at his teammate Hakimi in the tunnel leading to the ground. Achraf Hakimi took the side of Kylian Mbappe in a post-match press conference saying that he plays a vital role in the PSG’s future. The former Real Madrid player said that Mbappe is a great player and helps a lot in the game.

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