Sony PS5 Cloud Gaming is now live for Public testing

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    Sony has begun formally testing 4K cloud gaming on the PS5. Previously, the company hinted that it is interested in researching cloud gaming more deeply through the PS5 due to the increased interest in the field. Sony now appears to be following through, as gamers get a taste of what’s to come on the platform.

    Of course, Sony has been working on cloud gaming for quite some time. Sony patented a cloud-streaming gadget and a browser-based cloud gaming function last year. Another patent recently revealed that Sony may be working on a cloud gaming projector as well. With the release of the latest PS5 cloud gaming beta tests, Sony appears to be doubling down on its aspirations for the technology.

    Following the PlayStation CEO’s remarks about aggressive cloud gaming intentions, the company has officially confirmed that 4K cloud gaming public beta tests for the PS5 have begun.

    While Sony has yet to formally disclose the details of the beta, several players believe that it supports 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p (4K) resolutions. At the time, it was unclear whether Sony’s 4K refers to rendering or streaming resolution. In any case, games would immediately load prior cloud saves, allowing players to easily continue up where they left off.

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    The business has yet to comment on whether these cloud gaming capabilities would be extended to the upcoming Sony Q portable. Sony has been working on the Sony Q portable since 2015, and it was officially unveiled earlier this year as a streaming platform for PS5 games.

    Interestingly, Sony’s cloud gaming drive comes at a time when Microsoft is facing regulatory scrutiny over its prospective $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The CMA later blocked Microsoft’s Activision merger in April, citing concerns about the Xbox maker possibly dominating cloud gaming. Of course, the dust has largely settled since then, with Sony even agreeing on a 10-year contract with Microsoft for Call of Duty.

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