PS Plus: Sony has officially revealed the free Games coming for December 2022

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    Sony has confirmed the PS Plus free games for December 2022, and while there are only three, one of them is a full remastered trilogy. This means that the PS Plus games for the next month will total five.

    Sony used to offer 4-5 titles with the PS Plus free game selection on occasion, however, this was discontinued when the new PS Plus tier system of Essential (Free), Extra, and Premium was introduced. Sony affirmed that the free game choices would always be three games, with this loophole being an excellent way to celebrate the Christmas season.

    The PS4 edition of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a PS4/PS5 version of Biomutant, and a PS4/PS5 version of Divine Knockout are among the PS Plus free games for December 2022. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remastered collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy, so in December, fans will be able to get their hands on ME1, ME2, ME3, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout. Fans who have yet to play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition should do so immediately, as it strikes the perfect balance between commemorating the past and moving ahead into the present era.

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    PS Plus December 2022 List

    • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PS4)
    • Biomutant (PS4/PS5)
    • Divine Knockout (PS4/PS5)

    The addition of Biomutant and Divine Knockout guarantees that players have a wide range of options, including a Sci-Fi RPG series, a post-apocalyptic martial arts adventure (Biomutant), and a platform fighter (Divine Knockout). Sony should have a generous month, as the PS Plus Extra and Premium games will be announced in the following weeks.

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