Everything you need to know about the new Premium Subscription plan for GTA Online

    Rockstar has announced a premium subscription service for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, just two weeks after the game’s current-generation versions were released. It will be released at the end of this month and will include monthly releases of exclusive in-game content and perks.

    GTA Online

    Everything you need to know about the new Premium Subscription plan for GTA Online

    GTA Online players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series systems will be able to join up for GTA+ starting March 29. They’ll get monthly boosts of in-game currency as well as the option to claim special properties, vehicle improvements, and cosmetics for $5.99 a month.

    Subscribers will earn $500,000 in-game money when they sign up, and that sum will be repeated every month. A car with a complimentary upgrade, a yacht upgrade, multiplied rewards for races, additional bonus money from “GTA+ Shark Cards,” and more are among the benefits for the first month, which ends April 27.

    GTAV and GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox 360 were released on March 15 with improved visuals and a discount that will run until June. Until then, the PS5 version of GTA Online is free to keep, thus this might be considered as a means for Rockstar to swiftly rake in some cash from PS5 users.

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    GTA VI — if that’s what the next main entry will be called — isn’t likely to appear until 2024 or 2025, according to reports from last year. Last month, Rockstar revealed that the next Grand Theft Auto game is in the works, but gave no further specifics.


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