Fabrizio Romano states Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s deal is a strategy game, negotiations for his deal continues

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    Fabrizio Romano has stated Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s deal is a strategy game, as negotiations between Barcelona and Chelsea for the veteran, continue. The Catalan giants are running out of time for ensuring that they get all their work done before the transfer window closes, but that could go against them. Earlier Barca strategized to make their full-back spots powerful in this transfer market, but now, their number one priority has become Jules Kounde and they are working on making him registered to their club as soon as possible.

    In this case, the next step raises cash as well as sales for registering Kounde by any means, and it seems like selling Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to any other club will be ideal to fulfill their main target now. As said earlier, Barca and Chelsea are engaged in negotiations for Aubameyang, but on the other hand, the end of the transfer window is getting closer. Whatever the decision will be, Los Blaugrana has to take it soon.

    Therefore, the next most important step is to raise cash from sales to at least register Kounde and it seems like selling Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is the most likely way to do that for them.

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    Fabrizio Romano analyzes the deal of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

    In this regard, Fabrizio Romano analyzed the deal saying that the French-born footballer’s deal is a strategy game. Both Barca and Chelsea want to register Jules Kounde to their club by spending only 15 million pounds, with add-ons. And Camp Nou is also aware of the fact that Pierre Emerick Aubameyang comes on the priority list of Thomas Tuchel and is asking for 30 million euros.

    Romano said in this regard that he believed 20 million euros would be great for registering the veteran striker considering the fact that the transfer market is only one week away before its end. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is indeed the right player in Tuchel’s book, and he is very much aware of what he can do from their times at Borussia Dortmund. However, Barcelona has a greater reason to sell Auba as their first priority needs to be fulfilled which is to register Jules Kounde.

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