Payday 3 unstable launch attracts criticism from Players

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    Starbreeze, the company of Payday 3, recently apologized for the game’s terrible multiplayer situation and pledged to quickly fix the servers. The problems began when Payday 3’s servers broke during Early Access, and they persisted even after the game’s debut.

    Payday 3 the cooperative heist shooter had a poor launch, it can be said with confidence.

    Payday 3 didn’t receive very high marks in reviews, and gamers are currently encountering a number of glitches during matchmaking and mid-heist disconnections. The game review’s Metacritic score at the time of writing was 70 or less. A decent player experience is being hampered by the game’s poor AI, stiff character movement, and crashes, all of which have drawn harsh criticism.

    Payday 3
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    Tobias Sjogren, CEO of Starbreeze, has now apologized to gamers on behalf of the creators. He claims that there are so many issues with Payday 3 so soon after launch because the internet infrastructure didn’t stand up as well as the company had anticipated. However, Sjogren also reaffirmed that the team is making every effort to address the problems and hinted that everything will soon be operating normally.

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    Although Payday 3 is currently plagued with a number of technical issues, the matchmaking in this game is currently the biggest concern for players across all platforms. The fact that players must create and use a Nebula account in order to play the heist-based shooter and that they must always be online has also annoyed some players. In addition to these problems, there are instances where players lose connection mid-heist and their mission progress.

    Payday 3 players can at least play solo despite the fact that the multiplayer bugs have not yet been resolved. Payday 3 does not currently include a single-player mode, however players can attempt heists alone by selecting Choose Friends Only or Invite Only before to matchmaking and waiting for a while. They could be able to play with bots rather than real players if no one shows up. As the bots now have a fairly restricted AI and may not always make the most advantageous movements, this might make the game harder than normal, but at least it’s a solution to the problems.

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