Pakistan Cricket Board announced the inaugural women’s league, along with PSL 2023

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    The Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) recently announced the details of the new women’s league tournament which is set to be held in March 2023. The league for the time being consists of four city-based teams that will be running simultaneously with Pakistan Super League 8 at Pindi Cricket Stadium.

    A team in this league will consist of 12 local and six foreign players who’ll face the other teams two times. It will be a 13-match event and PCB stated that the new league will be taking place before the final of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). It will be starting from February 9 to March 19, 2023.

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    Ramiz Raja the chairman of PCB said that the new league will attract young women cricketers and them improve while they play internationally.

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    “I am delighted to announce the women’s league. This league will attract young women cricketers to this great sport and help our current players further enhance their skills when they will get to share dug-outs with the overseas players. The league will feature present and past trailblazers in women’s cricket in what promises to be an exciting 13-match event,” Ramiz Raja said in an official statement.

    Pakistan has given central contacts to 20 women cricketers and the introduction of the new women’s league will be balancing women’s cricket. He believes that empowering women cricketers will be enhancing the country’s economic and social prosperity.

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    “This event is aligned to our strategy of making Pakistan a stronger cricket playing nation across all formats and genders. We are not only creating attractive brands to strengthen our cricket economy, but through this tournament are also providing career opportunities to our women cricketers. The more our women cricketers will participate in high-pressure events, the more they will learn.The PCB is a strong proponent of empowering women to shine brighter. By engaging our women, which form 49 per cent of the country’s population, we will enhance the economic and social prosperity of our country,”- he said

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    The four cities comprising 12 local and sux foreign players will have the opportunity to win the biggest prize in Pakistan women’s domestic calendar on a double-league format.

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