Overwatch 2: Here’s all about the account merging cross-progression feature

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    You wouldn’t believe how quickly Overwatch 2 is approaching. Team 4 has provided an essential piece of the puzzle: how to account for merging and cross-progression operations. This information is available ahead of the sequel’s launch on October 4 and Blizzard migrating all Overwatch players over to it.

    You’ll need a account to play Overwatch 2 on any platform. You can combine your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch account when Overwatch 2 comes so that you have a single profile across all of these platforms. You will be able to use all the cosmetics (skins, voice lines, etc.) that you have unlocked on the associated accounts thanks to this.

    Additionally, Overwatch 2 progress can be transferred between platforms. You can level up your battle pass on each platform, for example, if you play on both PC and Xbox.

    When Overwatch 2 is released, Overwatch will prompt you to choose and confirm the accounts you want to merge. You’ll be prepared to rock and roll on October 4 if you do it now.

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    A prompt will appear when console users log into Overwatch. All of your linked accounts will be shown on an Account Merge screen. You can use your phone to scan a QR code if you choose the Switch Accounts option. Then, you can establish a account or link an existing one by entering a code that is displayed on your console.

    To begin the merging process, you must verify the proper accounts are linked the next time you log in.

    The website also allows you to complete the account merging process on a PC, but you’ll still need a validated phone number. More information about tying console accounts to may be found on the help page.

    This section is especially crucial, so pay close attention. Make sure you’re choosing the right accounts because you’ll only get one chance to fully integrate them.

    Another crucial point to remember is that you can always unlink a console account from New accounts cannot be linked to your account for a year, though.

    After that, you’ll be able to access the progression and cosmetics kept on when you link a fresh console account to the latter. However, the newly linked console account’s progress won’t be carried over.

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    There will still be a distinction between competitive play and skill ratings on consoles and PC. You will keep the highest level you’ve attained even if you consolidate many console accounts.

    When you merge accounts, your credits and Overwatch League tokens will also be combined. Any OWL tokens you’ve purchased on the Nintendo Switch will stay there. But the things you purchase with them will be available on all platforms.

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