Online games to PC – here are the best Online PC games to play right now

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    Bored of playing and clearing those dungeons and quests alone? Want to team up with your friends and gang up on that raid boss? Then look no further, here we have the best online PC games to satisfy all your demands.

    online games to PC – List of Best PC online games

    League of Legends

    It’s the prototypical MOBA, a world-beating export, and the source of inspiration for an entire universe of spin-offs. Choose your champion, your lane, your poison, and get to work – you and your team must find a method to push past the other team to their base. While League of Legends is as friendly as it has ever been, the depth of top-level competitive play is astonishing, thanks to 13 years of strategy development, upgrades, and updates.


    You can’t go through the Steam marketplace without coming across another base crafting, resource-gathering title. But Valheim stands out from the others; it masters the genre’s fundamentals and iterates on them intelligently, and the resulting early access experience is simply extraordinary. All of the essential survival elements are included and account for chopping trees, building your base, gathering food, and killing baddies. But developer Iron Gate Studios has outdone themselves by making everything easy to understand while hiding layers of depth behind.

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    Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, have adapted their vivid and dynamic character design approach to this punishingly accurate first-person shooter. As a result, the game is a tightly tactical team-based game with a limited time to kill, a distinct art style, and characters with a lot of personality. Participating in competitive Valorant games is exhilarating, but you’ll need teamwork and communication to stay alive – rounds of Valorant can sometimes be won or lost by milliseconds and millimeters.

    No Man’s Sky

    One of the all-time great video game fairy stories, a game with a rocky start pulling itself up by the bootstraps and becoming better than anyone could have imagined imaginable. No Man’s Sky has been consistently great and surprising with each release. In this stunning sci-fi image of a game, space exploration and survival with companions now exist in a much more traditional and enjoyable form, making it easier than ever before to group up, create a home base, and roam the universe together.

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Rainbow Six Siege is not for the faint of heart; it’s stressful and precise; popping your head around the incorrect corner will finish your match in seconds, so you must be cautious and certain. The defending team has one minute to set up shop, mount defenses, and prepare their tactics before the attackers arrive to put a stop to it all. Rainbow Six has been transformed into a thrilling, round-based PvP shooter by Ubisoft, and the experience that exists now is a true multiplayer monster.

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    DOTA 2

    DOTA 2 may be a decade old, but it remains one of the most popular and finest online games to this day. Its exciting gameplay loop pits two opposing teams against each other in a battle arena-meets-tower defense-style tactical showdown. It’s also free to play, which means you get a lot of stuff for the low, low price of $0.

    Monster Hunter World

    Capcom is on a roll right now, and nowhere is this more clear than in Monster Hunter World, a cooperative action RPG with a strong emphasis on acquiring better and better gear to take on bigger and worse animals. There’s a primordial thrill to banding together with your pals, tracking down a fierce and frightening creature, and then outwitting it in a session of truly bombastic combat.

    Overcooked 2

    To the untrained eye, it appears that Team17 has built a cheerful co-op cooking adventure, but make no mistake: Overcooked 2 is a severe test of even the closest friendships and family gatherings. What occurs in the kitchen remains in the kitchen. You will be screamed at, and you will scream at your loved ones, most likely about a lack of chopped onions.

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    Fortnite has been around for more than five years, yet in that short time, it has become part of the furniture. Everyone has heard of Fortnite, and even my mother has heard of it, so we know it’s a big issue. Given its scale, you’d think Epic Games would settle into its successful formula, yet new mechanics, goods, and objectives are continuously appearing in this 100-player battle royale, and it’s thriving. The building of forts was Fortnite’s original unique selling feature; it’s right there in the name; those who were quick on the draw could erect elaborate fortifications to provide instant cover.

    Diablo 4

    Demonic Dungeon Explorer The next installment in Blizzard’s high-octane RPG series, Diablo 4, is larger and better than ever. With the Queen of Hell resurrected, we’re entrusted with annihilating all kinds of infernal denizens as we hack and slash our way through Diablo 4’s several chambers.

    Call of Duty Warzone

    Warzone draws influence from previous battle royales, as well as the characteristic high-speed Call of Duty shooting mechanics, and delivered. Infinity Ward carved out its niche in Warzone, with loadout drops providing access to personalized weapons and perks and the gulag providing a 1v1 chance for an additional life – it all adds up to an immensely engaging game. Warzone has evolved greatly over the last two years, but with its basic Battle Royale and quicker Resurgence features, it has evolved into an unrivaled and competitive multiplayer experience.


    In a couple of hours, players can progress from creating a basic four walls and a roof shelter to diving down a YouTube rabbit hole to hunt up redstone circuit ideas. It’s a cliche, but the limit of Minecraft is genuinely the player’s creativity, which is amplified tremendously when you connect to an online session with others.

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