Netflix Games: Here are all the New Games coming to the Mobile Streaming App

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    To top off Geeked Week, Netflix teamed up with Geoff Keighley to present an outstanding roster of games coming to Netflix’s gaming platform, including a game based on The Queen’s Gambit, Lucky Luna from the designer of Alto’s Odyssey, and Poinpi from the creator of Downwell.

    You can find these games on Netflix’s mobile streaming app (there’s a section dedicated to games), but you must play them outside of Netflix. Commercials and microtransactions are absent from Netflix games, which are available for free with your Netflix subscription.

    Shadow And Bone Destinies

    Destiny is a narrative RPG with roguelike aspects based on the Netflix fantasy series. Throughout the game, which is being developed by Chimera Entertainment, you will make different decisions that will determine your fate.

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    Too Hot To Handle

    Developer Nanobit is working on a remake of the reality dating game show. The dating sim will have innuendo, narrative twists, and romance, and will follow the same rules as the TV show.

    La Casa De Papel

    The La Casa De Papel game is an action third-person stealth and robbery game developed by Killasoft. It will include safe-cracking, lock-picking, gun sequences, heists gone awry, and vent crawling, which is a stealth gaming mainstay.

    The Queen’s Gambit Chess

    Developer Ripstone is working on a full-fledged chess game inspired by the show, complete with online play and a story, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach. Characters from the sitcom teach you how to play chess in a variety of locations, including Beth’s house, Beth’s orphanage, and Las Vegas. In terms of a release date, all that was given was a vague “coming soon.”

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    Lucky Luna

    Lucky Luna is a unique game created by Snowman. Snowman’s Alto’s Odyssey is a lovely infinite runner in which the player slides downward instead of left to right. The story follows a figure through a gloomy labyrinth, and it is based on the traditional tale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Because you can’t jump, you’ll have to slide down cliffs while avoiding a variety of perils. In addition to the story mode, the game will be published this summer and will include an unlimited mode as well as challenge modes.

    Desta: The Memories Between

    Desta has been compared to a mix of Hades, Inception, and dodgeball. two, the same studio that made Monument Valley, is working on the game. In this turn-based puzzle game, the player is faced with bouncing a ball throughout an environment while delving into a story about destroyed relationships and family problems. Desta: The Memories Between is a game with roguelike elements that will be released later this year.


    The new game from Downwell’s designer and Devolver Digital’s publisher is undoubtedly the most intriguing announcement of the conference. In the game, you must leap and climb uphill while dodging evil villains and outrunning a massive blue beast. You feed the blue beast various fruits you’ve earned while ascending.

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    Wild Things: Animal Adventures

    In this unique match-three game, players must solve challenges to assist a bunch of lovely animals in repairing their homes. The game will have a diverse choice of settings and animals when it launches later this month.

    Reigns: Three Kingdoms, Terra Nil, Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Spiritfarer 

    In addition to the new games, Netflix has stated that it will make previously released games available on its mobile games platform. Thanks to a cooperation with Devolver, Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Terra Nil will make their mobile debuts on Netflix.

    Later this year, Netflix will make Raji: An Ancient Epic and Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus Games available on mobile devices.

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