Need for Speed Unbound debuts its new trailer showing Speed Run Gameplay

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    The Speed Race game option is demonstrated in a brand-new Need for Speed Unbound trailer. Most series fans would be most familiar with this mode, but with the extra spectacle of Need for Speed Unbound’s betting and wagering system and distinctive aesthetics.

    In its attempts to restore the franchise to the degree of popularity it once enjoyed, Need for Speed Unbound is straddling a precarious line. Need for Speed Unbound’s unique art design, characters’ customisable clothing options, and special effects bring the series into the present era. Many of the gameplay trailers that have already been released demonstrate this. However, the series’ trademark has been its Speed Race-branded sprint races.

    Speed races in Need for Speed Unbound begin in predetermined locations. The meet-up locations are kept out of sight of law enforcement and at secret garages and other locations because they are illegal street racing events. In Need for Speed Unbound, NPCs and the player character will have a chance to display their customised cars at the meet-up location before races begin. Players may interact in odd ways at the starting line as the camera pans past them and the other races before the race begins.

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    Players must buy into the event and choose from a choice of courses before the races even start. In Need for Speed Unbound, the buy-in price scales with the Heat level, which may indicate how challenging the race is and how likely it is that players will run into law enforcement.

    Need for Speed
    credit: wccftech

    If they are confident in their vehicle and their abilities, players can also place Side Bets against one of the other racers. The amount that the player will stake in the Side Bet will also be influenced by how skilled the field’s drivers are.

    The Takeover Event, Speed Race, gameplay for police pursuits, and several customization options have all been seen by fans of Need for Speed Unbound. The event choice screen also offered a glance into Endurance, Drift Event, and Street Race, three additional game modes. The Speed Race trailer for Need for Speed Unbound might be one of the final gameplay previews players see prior to the game’s release because of the impending release date. The game may have a lot of tricks and surprises in store for players, especially given how far the game’s microtransaction monetization went over the line.

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    Need for Speed Unbound releases on December 2, 2022, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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