NBA Record: Top 10 Players with the most 3-pointers missed

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    Basketball as a sport has had an enormous evolvement and now the important 3-pointers are a crucial way to get points on the NBA board. Stephen Curry’s style of play signifies three-pointers are an integral part of the sport. 

    Things might not always be in the favor of big names and so is the case here. Some real big names couldn’t make it during their three-pointer attempts, might be because they took too many. Curious to know the names? 

    That’s what we are going to check in the section that follows.

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    Who has the record of missing the most three-pointers in NBA history?

    Before Stephen Curry come the names of Reggie Miller and Ray Allen as the strongest long-distance shooters in the league. 

    However, the more attempts, the more chances to miss it. So quite expectantly, some greatest shooters of all time have also missed quite a few three-pointers. 

    Here’s a list of the top 10 NBA players who missed the most three-pointers along with the statistics for three-point misses. 

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    1. James Harden, 4583 misses 
    2. Ray Allen, 4456 misses
    3. Stephen Curry, 4173 misses 
    4. Jamal Crawford, 4158 misses 
    5. LeBron James, 4046 misses 
    6. Reggie Miller, 3926 misses 
    7. Vince Carter, 3878 misses 
    8. Jason Terry, 3728 misses 
    9. Kobe Bryant, 3719 misses 
    10. Jason Kidd, 3713 misses

    Big Names in this NBA record list List

    The list above clearly reflects the name of some greatest three pointer shooters of all time. The reason’s nothing but they went for many attempts and lasted a long span in the league. 

    There are big names at the top of the list like James Harden. The greats are Stephen Curry and LeBron James aren’t far either. There will be further additions to those numbers till they retire. Of course, they will surely sink a lot more. Counting the three-pointer’s success, Harden already stands in the first place. 

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