Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins are heading towards MultiVersus

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    The social media-shared advertisement reveals some fresh fighter graphics for the popular online fighting game, featuring characters like DC’s Black Adam and the recognizable Stripe from Gremlins.

    Black Adam and Stripe were both named in a previously leaked roster of future characters, which now lends some credibility to the rest of the list. The next standalone movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the titular DC antihero will feature Black Adam’s big-screen debut.

    When Gizmo was unintentionally doused with water in the first Gremlins movie, a cuddly mogwai named Stripe was created. Stripe later became the major adversary of the film. Stripe and his gang of violent mogwai turn into Gremlins after feasting after midnight. Gizmo isn’t listed in the advertisement, although he was in the leaked roster.

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    multiverse, which officially opens its first season today with Morty joining the cast later this week, has recently added Black Adam and Stripe to the lineup. After the season was postponed, it appears that MultiVersus would gradually introduce new material during the season, thus Black Adam and Stripe might show up in the upcoming weeks.

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