More WWE Superstars fired following the firing of 100 employees

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    It seems like the merging of WWE and TKO hasn’t turn out to be fruitful for several employees of the biggest sports entertainment. In a move that has sent shockwaves throughout the sports and entertainment scene, the recent merger between WWE and UFC into the TKO company has made headlines.

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    This historic partnership aims to create an unmatched sports media alliance, transforming the involved companies into sporting powerhouses. However, the merger has also come at a cost, as it resulted in the unfortunate termination of 100 employees. And now the release of 9 superstars from Dolph Ziggler to Mustafa Ali has sent shockwaves to the fans as well.

    WWE releases big names like Ziggler and Benjamin

    As mentioned, WWE has released several wrestlers from the company which even includes big names like Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin. Among those affected by the layoffs also include Mustafa Ali, Emma, Aliyah, and Elias.

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    The thing which is even more surprising is that, Mustafa Ali who got released from the company was supposed work even at a pay-oer-view and to face Dominik for the North American Championship next Saturday at No Mercy. However things didn’t go as per what the fans were looking forward to and the sudden cutoff from WWE took place.

    These talented individuals have now found themselves without a contract and uncertain about their future in the industry. The TKO merger has brought about significant financial gains for top executives like Triple H and Nick Khan. The decision of releasing a significant number of WWE athletes has also raised concerns about how the company prioritizes and treats its talent.

    The stark contrast between the announcement of a lucrative $1.4 billion SmackDown deal and the subsequent swift talent cuts has fueled discontent within the WWE roster. Reports state that there has been mount of discontent among WWE wrestlers. The frustration stems from the stark contrast between the staggering $1.4 billion SmackDown deal announcement and the subsequent swift talent cuts.

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    Another thing which is notable from this is that, WWE has released only those wrestlers who werent in the limelight rather were used as jobbers. The biggest example in this regard is Dolph Ziggler who has been a multi time World Champion as well as an Grand Slam champion but WWE has only used him to put over other guys.

    The TKO merger has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the sports and entertainment landscape. As the newly established company moves forward, it is crucial to strike a balance between financial gains and the well-being of its employees. Only time will tell how this historic partnership unfolds and how it will shape the future of professional wrestling and combat sports.

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