Miniclip is all but dead

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    The majority of the games on Miniclip, a website you may have used to sneakily play browser games during class in the early 2000s, are no longer available.

    The business, which has been “evolving” away from desktop-based games and toward mobile ones, revealed in April (via DelistedGames) that it would be overhauling its online homepage this Summer. The servers for all but two of Miniclip’s browser-based games have been shut down, despite the company missing that deadline by a few weeks.

    Currently, the two games available on Miniclip are 8 Ball Pool and, an MMO in which players take control of cells in a petri dish and eat other, smaller cells to enlarge and strengthen themselves.

    This was presumably caused by two things. The first is that Adobe Flash will be discontinued at the end of 2020(opens in new tab). Many games in the past relied on Flash Player, and if those games didn’t actively advocate switching to HTML 5, they eventually disappeared.

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    credit: pcgamer

    The availability of media to younger audiences today is undoubtedly another issue. A dedicated gadget for accessing the internet by a child used to be unusual, but it is now rather widespread. They can pass their time more effectively than visiting websites like Newgrounds, Nitrome, and, well, Miniclip, thanks to their smartphones, iPads, and other gaming gadgets. And Miniclip has adopted these new gaming platforms in order to better serve its consumers.

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