Microsoft Xbox Controller leaked with features resembling DualSense

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    The huge Microsoft FTC leak has revealed plans for a brand-new Xbox controller to be released in 2024, with some of the same characteristics as the PS5’s DualSense. Xbox regularly introduces new controllers. Sometimes, like the Xbox Elite Series line, these controllers offer greater capability at a premium price, but most of the time they are merely re-colored versions of the original Xbox Series X/S controller.

    For years to come, Xbox gamers can expect new colors for the original Series X controller, as well as the ability to design their own controllers via the Xbox Design Lab. However, it appears like Microsoft intends to release a new Xbox controller next year that will be far more comprehensive than a mere color change.

    The Microsoft FTC leak disclosed plans for a new Xbox controller called Sebile.


    The rumored Xbox controller would cost roughly $70 and will include a new black and white design, new mobile app capabilities, haptic feedback, and VCA haptics that double as speakers. Haptic feedback has long been a selling point for Sony’s DualSense controller, so it’s no surprise that Xbox has adopted the technology.

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    The next Xbox controller will also include an accelerometer, quieter buttons and thumbsticks, a rechargeable and swappable battery, and other features that should make it a step higher from current Xbox controllers. The item has not been formally revealed as of this writing, but the FTC leaks are as reliable as any leak can be, thus fans should expect it to be introduced in 2024.

    The alleged new Xbox controller appears to be part of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox hardware push in 2024. According to other FTC leaks, Microsoft is preparing to produce a digital-only Xbox Series X system, as well as a significantly redesigned Xbox Series S. It appears that all of this hardware will be available in time for next year’s holiday season, but nothing formal has been declared as of this writing.

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