Microsoft brings Gaming Gateway and Clarity Boost to its Edge Internet Browser

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    Microsoft has added a new gaming gateway and Clarity Boost feature to its Edge internet browser. Even while Xbox and PC users already have access to internet cloud streaming, this new Edge site and the Clarity Boost feature aim to enhance game visuals and make it easier for players to browse among their favorite games (via Bleeping Computer and PC Gamer).

    According to a Windows blog, the new Microsoft Edge gaming homepage aims to help players rapidly access the games they are most interested in while also providing them with essential news and updates. Access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, along with recently played games and other content, requires linking a player’s Xbox account.

    Microsoft Edge’s brand-new Clarity Boost function employs spatial upscaling to make streamed games appear more clear and sharp in Edge. Xbox Cloud Gaming enhances console gaming. A client-side scaling improvement method should result in an overall increase in visual quality.

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    Additionally, there is the Edge Efficiency Mode, which has a new setting that enables users to reduce the number of browser resources consumed while a game is started, doing away with the requirement for users to close and reopen their browsers before and after playing.

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