What Could be Michael Jackson’s Net Worth? Are There Any Possible Heirs of the ‘King of Pop’?

    Michael Jackson is one of the most successful stories in music history. After joining the Jackson 5, 13 years ago, he decided to pursue a solo career at the age of 13. Michael Jackson is a living world. On June 25, 2009, the world mourned the loss of one of the greatest idols in the music world.

    His first solo album, ‘Got to Be There‘, sold over 4 million copies in 1971. Ever since then, Michael Jackson has become the king of pop. Despite some scandals, Jackson’s music was still popular after his death.

    The Fortune of the ‘King of Pop’

    According to Forbes, Michael Jackson is the world’s most profitable late artist and celebrity. Jackson has maintained his position as the number one artist for many years. 

    Jackson commanded for 11 years after his death in 2009. Michael Jackson’s ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Taylor overtook the King of Pop in 2012. But Jackson remains the champion. 

    As of 2009, Jackson has earned $ 2.27 billion. The Jackson family has endorsed some compliments in his name around the world. In addition to the live event, he has more than 30 million listeners on Spotify every month.

    Jackson’s Net Worth and Possible Heirs

    Michael Jackson had a net worth of $500 million before his death. However, he went bankrupt after taking out a $380 million loan from Bank of America to fund his lifestyle. 

    In his spent the $380 million and the 50% interest imposed by the bank turned the deposit into $500 million. He died on June 25, 2009, in the morning hours. He had a stroke at his villa in Holmby Hills.

    Jackson had a $500 million net worth before dying. Paramedics took Jackson to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He breathed his last at 2:26 pm. An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson died of propofol poisoning. He had three children before he died in 2009. Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., Paris Jackson,  Prince Michael Jackson II.

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