Max Verstappen emerges victoriously at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku

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    Max Verstappen has again proved why he is among the greats of this generation after he won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. Verstappen, along with his furious red bull beat his competitors with a significant margin of 20 seconds, with him finishing at 1:34:05.941 minutes, and Sergio Perez securing the second spot took 20.823 seconds more. Also, the legendary Lewis Hamilton wasn’t able to finish in the top three, coming fourth, taking 71.679 seconds more, and George Russell came third taking 45.995 seconds extra.

    The total points gained by Max Verstappen was 25, with the following two having 19 and 15 respectively. The champion opened up a 21-point advantage over the runner-up, S.Perez, in this F1 Championship and the Red Bull finally finished with a score of 1-2, in the Azerbaijan GP.

    Max Verstappen won on a disastrous day for Ferrari

    Though Max Verstappen with his Red Bull emerged victorious in the race, one of the significant reasons behind that was Charles Leclerc with his Ferrari being retired. Charles Leclerc started from the pole position in Baku and has run in multiple races of this season so far, however, Ferrari’s engine failed after 19 of the race’s 51 laps. It is also very disappointing as Leclerc retired from the lead position in the last two GPs.

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    The Ferrari man said in this regard that it really hurts. They really need not have this repeated. They had no big problems in the initial phases of the season and they haven’t changed a significant amount of things. It is indeed very hard to understand as well as disappointing, he added.

    Carlos Sainz, the teammate of Charles Leclerc also retired early with hydraulic issues. This has been the double retirement from the Italian team since Monza 2020 which handed Red Bull the race on a plate.

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