WWE Superstar Matt Riddle and Misha Montana are expecting a baby; Daniella Petrow gives a controversial reaction

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    Recently WWE Superstar Riddle and his girlfriend Misha Montana announced their pregnancy. However, Matt Riddle’s ex-girlfriend Daniella Petrow gave a reaction to the announcement, which remains a bit controversial. Check out exactly what happened regarding the same.

    Riddle and Misha Montana expecting a baby

    Recently, WWE Superstar Matt Riddle’s girlfriend, Misha Montana, announced the news of her pregnancy on her Twitter account by uploading a few pictures with the caption “December 2023 #bro @SuperKingofBros“. It indicated that the baby is due in December 2023. WWE Superstar Matt Riddle later retweeted Misha Montana’s post.

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    Daniella Petrow’s controversial statement

    In response to the pregnancy announcement of Matt Riddle and Misha Montana, Daniella Petrow expressed some controversial words on her Twitter account.

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    However, following this,

    Misha Montana wrote a huge post which goes like this:

    “Thank you so much to everyone that has reached out. It’s so comforting to feel so much love from you all. We are very blessed and so thankful there are some wonderful people in this world. To address some of the predictable reactions, I will say the following: it’s sad to see just how inept, intolerant, and ignorant human beings still are, even with so much access to education. The hatred, judgment, and false assumptions disguised as moral superiority is something I am quite accustomed to, and it does provide me with peace knowing I’ll never be that hateful, stupid, or hypocritical.”

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    Towards the end, she stated, “This hasn’t been an easy pregnancy for me, and the unfortunate inevitability of hostility from strangers prompted me to wait to share. The continued, dangerous harassment and slander from bitter, miserable exes seeking attention is also predictable and unfortunate. We are all very happy and healthy and looking forward to the next chapter.“

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