Manchester United sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Here’s 3 Reasons Why?

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    It isn’t new for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be teetered on the edge quite a few times before, but this time the 4-1 embarrassment against Watford has led the club to sack him. Here we have tried considering the three reasons that led to his removal as a manager from the club.

    Three Reasons Why Solskjaer Has Been Sacked from Manchester United

    Lack of Leadership: It has been really difficult for the Norwegian to find an obedient group of condensable players who can put an extraordinary mark of leadership. Paul Pogba’s red card incident last month came as a significant example of an actual lack of leadership at Man United.

    Non-cohesive Transfer Policy: Solskjaer’ squad needed improvement and there’s no second opinion about it. However, there are strong criticisms that during his tenure the recruiter and negotiation haven’t been at their best. Not recruiting the players he desired has massively undermined the former United manager. A clear example is the incapability of Erling Haaland’s services. Donny van de Beek’s failure has prominently pointed to the club’s difficulty with transfers in recent years.

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    Inability to be the ‘Main Man’: Solskjaer, undoubtedly is a likeable person but he lacks the stern ruthless streak required in the football world. After the recent defeat against Leicester City, Paul Pogba in an interview directly questioned his manager’s tactics. Despite being an embarrassing situation, the reality was harsh.

    After the defeat by Young Boys in Switzerland, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was seen shouting at institutions at Solskjaer that didn’t look decent for the former manager. Former club captain Rio Ferdinand questioned that particular scene. Who had the authority then and has it now, is pretty clear.

    The pressure of another trophy in the cabinet might have even added to the pressure for the former United manager.

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