Lionel Messi might not renew his contract with Inter Miami

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    Reports state that Lionel Messi might not renew his contract with his present club, Inter Miami, and sources also state that he is planning to go for another club and eventually retire there. The signing of Lionel Messi to MLS sent shockwaves all over the world, and he has been in a dream form since his start at Inter Miami, even at 36 years of age, which is even more remarkable. However, things might not go on a long-term basis between Messi and Inter.

    As per various sources, Lionel Messi has plans to retire at his boyhood club, Newell’s Old Boys of Argentina, the team he is a fan of and played for in the youth ranks before moving to Barcelona.

    Lionel Messi’s current contract with Inter Miami

    Lionel Messi has an agreement with the MLS side Inter Miami until the end of the 2025 MLS season, so he still has the rest of the current season, plus another two years in U.S. soccer, so he would arrive in his country’s soccer at 38 years of age, something that since his days in Barcelona, he did not hide that it was his intention to play for Newell’s.

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    Messi’s deal with Inter Miami is reportedly a two-and-a-half season deal with Inter Miami for a total of between $120 million and $150 million, averaging between $50 million and $60 million per season, making him the highest-paid player in MLS. In total, with Inter Miami, Messi has played 12 games, scoring 11 goals. However, only four of those games have been in MLS, and in domestic competition, he has only scored one goal.

    Reflecting on Lionel Messi career

    Lionel Messi has eventually made himself a legendary footballer from his time in Barcelona, and then going to PSG, and now coming to Inter Miami. Not only football fans but almost every people dream of seeing Lionel Messi play, and he has been an inspiration to trillions of people around the globe. The most remarkable time in his career came for Barcelona, where he spent a long amount of time and emerged victoriously in several championships.

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    Then he went to PSG, where he played alongside Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappe, which is even considered arguably the greatest trio in football of all time. Won the Copa America title, Finalissima, and even won the World Cup last year. The Argentine legend has left nothing to prove, and he can certainly retire on his own terms. He also did brilliant for Miami, but as per reports, he might not retire for the same club.

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