The infamous free-kick rivalry between Robert Lewandowski and David Alaba has stroke La Liga

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    Both Robert Lewandowski and David Alaba are very much known to each other, as they have spent a significant time, playing together at Bayern Munich being dominant in several seasons and emerging victoriously in the Bundesliga together for years. However, this year, the scenario has changed a bit as they aren’t together, and not only that, they will be seen among the greatest football rivalries of all time, Barcelona and Real Madrid, with Lewandowski playing for the former one, and Alaba playing for the latter.

    And with the emergence of Lewandowski in Barcelona in the present campaign signifies that fans will be able to see that free-kick rivalry again, which both of them used to do during their practice session at the time in Bayern Munich. During their practice sessions, they took it very seriously, even if it was just for practice, and it was the base of their mastery of free-kick from their times in the Bundesliga.

    Alaba’s advantage in this case

    Well, Barcelona has built up a good team and is coming out of their problems, and with the joining of Lewandowski, there will be a lot of issues getting solved. Still, Alaba has a greater advantage, as the Austrian has greater numbers in scoring free kicks with his goal coming for Madrid against Almeria, in the opening game of the season. And even on their times in Bayern, Alaba was generally the first choice of performing a free kick when necessary. All these things will certainly give him extra ground on Spain. However, when it comes to penalties, Lewandowski has the upper hand.

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    Barcelona vs Real Madrid

    The Catalan giants, Barcelona FC, and the La Liga giants Real Madrid will soon lock horns, when they will meet on October 16th, at Santiago Bernabeu. It will indeed be an epic battle to see, especially fans getting hyped up to see Alaba and Lewandowski playing against each other.

    Alaba gave Real Madrid something they haven’t seen in a long time: a guaranteed direct free-kick threat. He already has two of his on his Madrid shirt for Real, more than anyone in the current squad,  Dani Ceballos, Toni Kroos, Nacho, and Marco, who he has surpassed Asensio.

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored 33 free-kick goals during his time in Madrid, but it required a whopping 444 tries in total to match that number, which suggests a conversion rate of less than 8%.

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