How much money is received by the La Liga Winners? How much are they offered for entering the Champions League

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    The 2022/23 La Liga Santander season begins on Friday with Osasuna taking on Sevilla. Ruling champions Real Madrid and Barcelona have bolstered their teams this summer and are starting as favorites. Two-time champions in the last decade, Atletico Madrid will start from the second row of the grid. 

    One of the many questions he receives from fans is how much his La Liga Santander champions will receive and how much will be distributed among the final standings according to the royal decree.

    About the Money Distribution

    Under the La Liga TV Rights Agreement, half of the funds must be split equally among all 20 clubs.

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    The other half is divided into two parts. One is based on each club’s so-called social implantation, which states each club’s individual involvement in creating season tickets, average box office revenue for the last five seasons, and resources available for broadcast.

    The second part is based on the ranking, which accounts for 25% of the royal edict income.

    Champions receive 17% of their earnings, with the rest of the money going to the bottom team who receive 0.25%. Between his eight best league players, the difference in individual standings is around €7 million, and this value decreases as the table progresses.

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    Money Distribution list based on the final rank in the La Liga

    Taking into account the €1.44 billion from the TV rights of La Liga Santander in 2020/21, half (722 million) will be split evenly between the 20 teams. 

    Of the rest of his 722 million,  half will be distributed by  social implantation, and the other half (361 million) will be distributed based on final scores as follows:

    • First place, 17 percent: 61.3 million
    • Second place, 15 percent: 54.1 million
    • Third place, 13 percent: 46.9 million
    • Fourth place, 11 percent: 39.7 million
    • Fifth place, 9 percent: 32.4 million
    • Sixth place, 7 percent: 25.2 million
    • Seventh place, 5 percent: 18.0 million
    • Eighth place, 3.5 percent: 12.6 million
    • Ninth place, 3.0 percent: 10.8 million
    • Tenth place, 2.75 percent: 9.9 million
    • Eleventh place, 2.5 percent: 9.0 million
    • Twelfth place, 2.25 percent: 8.1 million
    • Thirteenth place, 2 percent: 7.2 million
    • Fourteenth place, 1.75 percent: 6.3 million
    • Fifteenth place, 1.5 percent: 5.4 million
    • Sixteenth place 1.25 percent. 4.5 million
    • Seventeenth place, 1 percent: 3.6 million
    • Eighteenth place, 0.75 percent: 2.7 million
    • Nineteenth place, 0.5 percent: 1.8 million
    • Twentieth place, 0.25 percent: 0.9 million

    Amount of Money Collected

    The actual funds raised are based on placements over the last five seasons, with percentages of 35%, 20%, 15%, and 15%. So Madrid got 35% of 61 million in winning this season, 20% in second place last season, 15% in champions three seasons ago, and 15% in third place four and five seasons ago.

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