Keanu Reeves: The New Batman in DC League of Super-Pets

    For a countless number of reasons, Keanu Reeves is among the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. Sure enough, the audience is always elated to hear any good news about the spectacular actor and hopefully, they would be supremely excited to know, their favorite actor will portray Batman in a new DC animated film. To clear any confusion, it’s not probably what you would think in the first place. 

    In a trailer, DC revealed that the popular actor will be the voice of the superhero in the DC League of Super-Pets. This is an animated movie with shots of comedy that is aimed towards the pets of Superman and Batman.

    Keanu Reeves: Voice in the Upcoming Animated Batman Movie

    The new trailer launched by DC focuses on showing the audience that Batman gets in touch with Ace (Kevin Hart), the dog will be partnering him in the DC League of Super-Pets. Dwayne Johnson’s voice will be there too as Krypto, Superman’s dog, and John Krasinski as Superman.

    2022 to be Remembered as the Year of Batman! Who Else in the List Besides Keanu Reeves?

    2022 is a year that endows the audience with many versions of their favorite superhero, Batman. The fans of the hero of Gotham City, have so many things in store to enjoy! 

    Besides the addition of Keanu Reeves, there’s the one of Robert Pattinson in the very recently launched The Batman. The film has been earning critical appreciation and massive love from fans from all over the globe. Furthermore, we can expect Ben Affleck to make a return in The Flash. What’s more exciting is that in that film the audience would also see the long-anticipated return of Michael Keaton draped in the cape and the cowl once more.

    So yes, the year is actually amazing if you are a staunch Batman lover.

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