Kathleen Kennedy has cleared the future of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy characters

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    The president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy who just has confirmed more time with it by extending her contract with the company for more than three years, and also has to provide such hints in her new interview that the world of Star Wars has not yet seen the last sequel heroes Rey, Finn, and Poe. It seems that there are not any solid plans for this mega-concluding Resistance heroes, instead, Lucasfilm is interested in extending their stories.

    Disney Having "Conversations" Over Future Of Star Wars Sequel Trilogy  Characters - NewsBreak

    We have got the answer from  Kennedy about the sequel characters in such a current interview with Empire Magazine.  She has said, “, “certainly, those are not the characters we are going to forget”. She said about Daise Ridley’s Rey, Oscar Isaac’s  Poe, and also  John Boyega’s Finn. She also says, “They will live on, and those are the conversations that are going on with the creative team as well”. The actress has cleared about the returning of the previous characters on Disney+’s show.

    Kathleen Kennedy about the future of Star Wars Sequel

    Star Wars boss teases sequel characters' future beyond Rise of Skywalker

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    After the release of Rising of Skywalker to the poor critical response in 2019, the Star Wars franchise just has provided the explore of the galaxy along the Disney+ TV show containing the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Rogue Squadron that the movie was meant as the next cinematic Stars Wars release after this film has recently been taking of Disney’s production schedule for the conflicts with the director Patty Jenkin’s timetable.

    Star Wars: The characters of the sequel trilogy could return in new  projects - Aroged

    It is still in the fog that Lucasfilm is still looking for the continuation of the sequel characters’ stories like the new films, Disney+ TV  shows, or also even in the animated form. Slash Film has reported that none of the stars of the sequel is going to reprise their roles as Star Wars, mainly if it had been produced for the small screen.  The actor Oscar Isaac and John Boyega strictly reveal that they are also not interested to feature on any shows of Disney+, there Daise Ridley still thinks that Rise of Skywalker was a “Great close” for the story of Rey.

    Kathleen Kennedy Signals Return of Sequel Trilogy Characters - Flipboard

    It is hoping that we will see again that trio to be recast in the aged-up roles or will come at the animated shows as it was done with the prequel trilogy adjacent to Clone wars in 2008. It has been seen that Poe Dameron has already appeared in the supporting characters in the Star Wars: Resistance animate shows that also feature General Hux, Captain Phasma, and even General Leia.

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