Jade Cargill signs with WWE, blows away the internet

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    The signing of Jade Cargill to WWE has sent shockwaves to the entire wrestling world, as the former AEW Women’s Champion stepping her feet to the biggest sports entertainment has been a dream wish for several wrestling fans. The announcement of Cargill’s signing has set the internet abuzz, with fans and industry insiders eagerly awaiting her debut in WWE.

    Not only did her signing generate an unprecedented number of likes on WWE’s social media platforms, but it also garnered millions of views within hours of the announcement.

    Jade Cargill’s signing breaking social media records

    Though Jade Cargill’s signing to WWE is indeed a big deal, no one thought that they would see a gigantic social media response, and it absolutely came out of nowhere. Her signing announcement and subsequent social media posts promoting her garnered an astonishing number of likes, surpassing 850,000 in under 24 hours. Furthermore, the announcement video has already surpassed 10 million views in less than 9 hours, cementing Cargill’s status as a highly anticipated addition to the WWE roster.

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    Triple H welcoming Jade Cargill

    The Executive Vice President of WWE, Triple H, extended a warm welcome to Jade Cargill in a statement. He described her as a game-changer and expressed his belief that she is poised to revolutionize the company. WWE is always known for its bold as well as unexpected moves, and Triple H has also made several exciting moves since he has been in charge and making a bold move and making the fans go nuts hasn’t been an exception this time as well.

    First, the company merged with UFC under TKO’s umbrella, signaling a new era of collaboration between the two giants of combat sports. Shortly after, WWE made the difficult decision to release over 20 superstars and 100 employees, a move that marked a clear transitional phase for the company. Now, with the signing of Jade Cargill, WWE is once again shaking up the industry and making its intentions known.

    The arrival of the former AEW Champion

    Jade Cargill, who’s had a decent career in the AEW, and held the TBS championship in AEW for over 500 days, has been noticeably absent from AEW broadcasts for the past two weeks, sparking rumors and speculation about her future. ESPN has reported that Cargill has secured a multi-year deal with WWE, but her immediate placement in either the main roster or NXT, WWE’s developmental brand, remains uncertain.

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    Fans are speculating that WWE could book some dream matches and make Cargill lock horns with some opponents that the WWE Universe loves watching. Cargill herself stated about some of her dream opponents like Rhea, Bianca, and Charlotte; it is to be seen how WWE uses her talent.

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