IT Centre summons Wikipedia executives after Arshdeep Singh’s page was vandalized, post-India-Pakistan match

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    In the recent match between India and Pakistan, the former lost the game, Arshdeep Singh dropped the catch of Asif Ali in the final over that led to the victory of the opponent. Since then, the youngster has been getting trolled online. Arshdeep’s Wikipedia page was edited to Khalistan instead of India. As per as the IT ministry, the trolls are from Pakistan and not India.

    As per a government official, “Wikipedia executives have been summoned. We are taking this seriously. There are indications that there may have been Pakistani involvement and this could have had implications on our national security and harmony,” 

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    Credits- Zee News

    On different networking sites, he has been facing abuse and slurs and someone even changed his Wikipedia page that has an association with Khalistan. After investigation, it showed that someone from Pakistan edited the information. The IT Ministry may issue a showcase notice to Wikipedia for this.

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    India dominated the game in the first half after calling the wickets of Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Nawaz. The wicket of Asif Ali would have made India win the game but with Arshdeep’s drop the entire game turned in favor of the Men in Green.

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    Credits- ABP News

    Asif Ali along with Iftikhar Ahmed musted 19 runs off Bhuvneshwar Kumar to end the game. Arshdeep tried with pinpoint yorkers to take Alif’s wicket but the Men in Green at the end got a five-wicket victory on Sunday.

    Earlier, cricketers have been trolled for their mishaps on the field as well. Mohammad Shami was a victim of heavy trolling after his poor performance against Pakistan in T20 World Cup where India lost the game by 10 wickets. It’s observed that in both cases, the trolling came from Pro-Pakistan based social media platforms.

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    A-grade cricketers like Virat Kohli supported him in the post-match press conference stating mistakes are normal but should be restricted on the field only.

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