IPL 2022: Twitter reactions as Ahmedabad and Lucknow get new IPL teams

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    For the next season of IPL, 10 teams will compete in the tournament. BCCI conducted an auction for the two new teams to make IPL 2022 a 10 team affair.

    Now, the result of the auction has been made public and the two new teams are:

    • RPSG group has won the Lucknow bid at approx INR 7000 crore (over 932 million USD)
    • Private equity firm CVC Capital won the Ahmedabad bid at approx INR 5200 crore (over 692 million USD)

    The large amount of bids have taken the public by surprise. This is a reflection of the huge popularity of the sport in India.

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    Let’s take a look at how people reacted on Twitter:

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