Inter Miami’s 2024 season ticket prices soar following Lionel Messi arrival

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    The arrival of Lionel Messi in the Major Soccer League sent shockwaves all over the football world and has been delivering a huge impact on other related fields as well. Messi’s blockbuster move to Inter Miami amazed everyone, and the arrival of the Argentine legend has still had a great impact, which can be seen as a significant surge in the club’s popularity and ticket prices for the 2024 season.

    Lionel Messi’s presence has not only boosted social media engagement and jersey sales but has also led to a substantial increase in ticket prices and season ticket applications. The cheapest ticket to the PNK DVR, which used to cost $25, has now skyrocketed to $280. This surge reflects the immense demand to watch Messi in action. Season ticket applications have surged by a staggering 1,215 percent, highlighting the excitement surrounding the team.

    Different types of rise in prices for the season tickets for Lionel Messi

    The season tickets are seen to have acquired substantial hikes, thanks to Lionel Messi. A season ticket which used to cost $3,600, will now cost $7,650 in 2024, translating to approximately $450 per game. Similarly, season tickets for the North Stand, which were priced at $485 in 2023, will now cost $884.

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    The most exclusive areas in the front row, situated at pitch level on the east side, are priced at $13,005 and include access to the VIP area. Meanwhile, there are more expensive box seats on the west side, which cost nearly $46,000 per season for four seats with access to the Midfield Club, offering food and beverages.

    Price compared to other USA Sports

    However, despite the ridiculous rise of price in the tickets, still these are less than the ticket prices of the other sports of the county like NFL and NBA. Football is predominantly popular in Europe. But the arrival of Messi is eventually making the sport more popular in North America, but still there’s a long run to compete with the already popular sports of the continent including American football, basketball, etc.

    For instance, NFL tickets in 2022 averaged $112, while NBA tickets could range from $90 to $120 in some markets. Inter Miami’s ticket prices, which could range from $50 to $80 for the upcoming season, still offer good value for fans looking to witness Messi’s presence on the field.

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    With the arrival of Lionel Messi, soccer has eventually developed more popularity and it might compete NFL, NBA soon in terms of ticket prices. Apart from that, Messi has been a dream form since his time he has joined the MLS side, which has also been a major attraction to watch the sport.

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