Several Intel 13th Generation Raptor Lake Mobility CPUs leaked Online

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    In preparation for the release of its 13th-Gen Raptor Lake series later this year, Intel is working on a variety of high-end mobile CPUs. Two additional SKUs, in addition to those that have already been disclosed, are revealed in Momomo US’s most recent expose. The following processors are on the list from tweet 188号 that was published:

    The last two on the list of Intel’s 13th Generation Raptor Lake CPUs, the Core i7-13620H and Core i5-13620H, are brand-new. We are aware that the i9-13900HK and i7-13700H CPUs, both of which will feature fourteen cores and twenty threads, are intended primarily for gaming, especially AAA games. Six Performance cores and eight Efficient cores make up the total of fourteen cores, with the Performance cores having a maximum peak frequency of 5.4 GHz and the Efficient cores having a maximum boost rate of 5.0 GHz. For each, there are 96 Execution Units.

    credit: wccftech

    There are no specified specifications for the two recently reported chips on the Intel website or in any other leaked information.

    If rumour is to be believed, the final two CPUs from Twitter leaker 188号’s message could be two Intel processors with lower performance or potential Alder Lake line updates.

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    The processors will be suggested for use with either the more recent NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs designed for mobility or Intel’s own proprietary graphics card line, the Intel Arc A-series GPUs. AMD has its own CPUs and GPUs, therefore Intel would be reluctant to promote the two businesses jointly.

    A future launch of the Raptor Lake-HX series of CPUs, aimed at enthusiast-grade laptops, is being teased by Intel. Sadly, it is unclear if they will maintain a core count similar to desktop CPUs.

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