INS Vikrant: Everything We Know About the Largest and Historical Aircraft Carrier

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    The order of India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC-1) to get into the Navy, reveal as INS Vikrant that has marked those defining moments. This is the first ever aircraft carrier that follows indigenous from both design and construction. INS Vikrant will expand the standing 0of the country to be a ‘Blue Water Navy’ along with a maritime force with global reach and capitalism operating from the deep ocean. 


    INS Vikrant is manufactured with state-of-the-art automation features, and there has the largest ship ever made in the history of maritime India. The high-tech equipment is come from major industrial houses in the country like over 100 MSMEs. The carried got displaced about 45,000 tones which made it the largest warship in the Indian naval inventory. 

    The name Vikrant comes from its illustrious predecessor, which was India’s first aircraft carrier, and played a vital role in the 1971 battle. The aircraft has been designed by the Indian Navy’s in-house Warship Design Bureau (WDB) and made by Cochin Shipyard of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways. Now India’s defense forces are looking for a total of three carriers, one is for reserve purposes and the other is two in this Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. 

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    Top 5 Best Things about INS Vikrant 

    1. Length- Indian navy confirms that the aircraft is a 262-meter-long carrier INS Vikrant that holds a complete displacement that will be sent to 45,000 tones which are Bigger and more high-yech than the predecessor. 

    2. Size- You can compare Vikrant’s size with two football fields. This is the largest ship built in India’s maritime history. 

    3. Hanger Size- The hanger that will contain the aircraft is so big to accommodate the two Olympic pools. 

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    4. Floors- You can tell this is a ‘Floating City’ with 18 floors. INS Vikrant contains 14 decks along with 2,300 compartments that can carry across 1,500 navy soldiers and can cater to the food requirements, around 10,000 chapatis or rotis have been made in the kitchen of the ship that’s named the galley. 

    5. Blend of 30 Aircraft- While talking about the specification of IAC Vikrant, Vice Admiral Hampiholi had told that INS Vikrant is a mixture of 30 aircraft MIG-29K fighter jets, Kamov-31, MH-60R, and multi-role helicopters. Additionally, the indigenous also manufactured Advanced Light Helicopters (ALG), and Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) (Navy). 

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