India’s Most Valuable Brand TCS has been valued at $45.5 Billion 

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    Tata Consultancy Service or TCS is one of the best-renowned brands in India with an asset of $45.5 billion as confirmed by Kan tar BrandZ75. TCS has held the top spot from HFDC Bank that’s now got ranked in the second number with a valuation of $32.7 billion. Infosys with $29.2 billion, and ICIC Bank with $11 billion.

    The tech and banking brands currently take a big decision based on total value. There are six B2B yech brands and 11 consumer tech brands have contributed 35% of the royal value. Salience means the ability of brands to spring soon to mind while the consumer just needs some common feature in India’s Top 10 brands. 


     There is a list of 75 brands containing 23 categories and set to be bounced back from the pandemic that has low to increase the value of the brand by such a   massive 35% CAGE since 20202.  The top 75 Indian brands hold a combined value of $393 billi8on that’s equivalent to 11% of India’s GDP. Deepender Rana, the executive MD said, “India’s leading brands have grown at an exceptional rate, despite global economic headwinds, putting disruption from Covid-19 behind them. Brand owners will need to work harder to identify and build on what makes them worth paying for and ensure ROI on their marketing expenditure to avoid a margin squeeze.” 

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     Between August 2014 and June 2022, the equity index Sensex got 63.8%, while the brand value of these companies increases 81.8%. At least 11 consumer tech bands nominated the third name into the list, and also contributed to 11% of the total brand value. Among them, our most valuable were Flipchart with $12.89 billion, Byju with $5.5 billion, Swiggy with $4.8 billion, and Nykaa with $3.7 billion. 

    Now, come the telecom providers stood at the fourth number, and Jio placed in the tenth position. The newcomers are Vi, ranked 15th

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    If you draw one conclusion then you can see Indians are more desiring to select the environment more consciously due to the ongoing changing climate. 

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    There are 65% of Indians feel very excited about climate change, and 64% believe the businesses that should play their section confirmed to Kantar. 

    The online delivery partner Zomato tanked at 30th, using climate-conscious deliveries by declining and offsetting carbon emissions. Swiggy and Flipkart also spread their hand for the local Brands to set up a connection with consumers through the platform. 

    Kantar’s managing director Soumya Mohanty said, “purposeful and sustainable brands are being rewarded. Indian consumers look further than the brand attributes that affect them personally as they want brands to improve people’s lives and have a positive impact on wider society,” 

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