Immortality: Netflix will soon bring the Game to Mobile Devices

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    Sam Barlow’s most recent game, Immortality, will be available on Netflix “very soon” for Apple and Android devices. Yesterday, the game was made available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. (via Steam and GOG). Additionally, it is available on Game Pass.

    Once Immortality is available, Netflix customers will also be able to play it on their mobile devices.

    Half Mermaid did not provide a release date but did promise a “very soon” arrival of the mobile version. The Half Mermaid team is “taking some extra time on our mobile release to ensure it’s the best possible experience for Netflix members around the world,” according to a tweet from the official Half Mermaid Twitter account. Additionally, the team promised that a Mac version will be available “as soon as we can get it to you!”

    Immortality is focused around scrubbing full motion video segments to piece together a larger mystery, similar to the writer/director Sam Barlow’s earlier games. The mystery here surrounds the disappearance of the fictitious actress Marissa Marcel after she had only appeared in three films. To find out Marcel’s eventual fate, players search through movie scenes and other relevant material.

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    Immortality released on August 30, 2022, on Xbox Series X and PC; you can also play the game via Game Pass.

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