ICC pass on membership status to Cambodia, Uzbekistan and Cote D’Ivoire

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    Two Asian nations, Cambodia and Uzbekistan, as well as an African country, Cote D’Ivoire, were granted membership status during the current ICC Annual Conference in Birmingham.

    The three additional nations received membership status on Tuesday (July 26) after meeting the ICC membership requirements under Clause 2.1, “Participation and domestic frameworks” (d).

    According to the Participation and Domestic Structures, one of the requirements is to have domestic participation structures in place, including national 50-over tournament structures with at least three teams with List A status and national 20-over tournament structures with at least three teams with List A Twenty20 status.

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    In addition, the nation should have strong domestic participation levels in the sport and evidence of significant growth over the previous eight years, as well as satisfactory junior pathway structures, satisfactory women’s pathway structures in place, a sustained and sufficient pool of players to support strong and consistent national level selection across the senior men’s, U19, and women’s teams.

    After the addition of three nations with 12 Test-playing nations and 96 Associates, the ICC currently has a total of 108 members. With the addition of Uzbekistan and Cambodia, there are now 25 nations in Asia, while Cote D’Ivoire is the 21st country in Africa to be granted membership.

    The ICC currently has a total of 108 members

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    credit: The Mirror

    According to information obtained, the Cricket Federation of Uzbekistan (CFU) has been working on a tournament for women’s cricket that would feature 15 teams and serve as a showcase for athletes between the ages of 17 and 19.

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    The Cricket Association of Cambodia (CAC), which is now organizing a T20 cricket event at the end of the year, has also shown how women’s cricket can be played successfully.

    The Cote D’Ivoire Cricket Federation, which hosts an eight-team senior men’s national league, has the best overall basis of the three. With the appointment of a female Board member to work on the projects, their engagement in the advancement of women’s cricket has also advanced.

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