ICC: Amazon look to acquire media rights for India, UK, South Africa and US market

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    At the final minute, Amazon backed out of the IPL Media Rights auction. The largest e-commerce corporation in the world, however, is reportedly prepared to compete for the ICC Media Rights portfolio. According to a source, Amazon is actively pursuing ICC rights for the US, UK, South Africa, and India markets.

    The e-commerce behemoth is reportedly open to partnering with a television broadcaster and is prepared to investigate making a combined offer for the rights. It is possible that Sony or Zee will form a coalition. According to the article, neither representatives from Zee, Sony, or Amazon are prepared to go on the record.

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    Just one month remain till the ICC Media Rights bid deadline. The deadline for bids to be submitted via sealed envelope to the ICC is August 22. But Viacom 18 has now raised red flag over the bidding process as well, following Sony.

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    Viacom and a few other bidders claim that the procedure used for the auction is completely opaque. Notably, Viacom18 just acquired the IPL Digital Rights portfolio. They are currently regarded as one of the top candidates for the ICC Rights.

    Missing out on the IPL rights tender, Amazon will be keen on ICC media rights

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    The Reliance-backed business, however, is not very happy with the tendering procedure. Viacom has requested that the ICC use the BCCI e-auction approach. Viacom18 is said to have contacted the ICC about this as well, according to sources.

    According to the report, the ICC said, “It is ultimately a matter between the ICC and the bidders.”

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    A representative of one of the potential broadcasters said, “BCCI showed how to conduct tender. The IPL Tendering was so transparent. ICC is still following the old school. The process lacks transparency.”

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