Huami to unveil new OS, chip for smartwatches on July 13

    Huami reveals their brand new OS and is bringing out chips for smartwatches starting today

    Wearable device brand Huami, which owns Amazfit and Zepp, is reportedly developing a new operating system and chipset for its smartwatches.
    According to GizmoChina, the company will announce its new products at an event called “Healthy Future” on July 13.

    Huami Technology founder and CEO Huang Wang revealed on Weibo that its new self-developed operating system is more suitable for watches and can make better use of the health functions of wearable devices.
    CEO also shared a video, the content appears to be a redesigned heart rate measurement interface.
    It is not clear if the operating system is RTOS-based or new. However, one feature is the dynamic dial.

    Chinese leakers who have experienced the new operating system are full of praise for the user interface and user experience.
    also revealed more details about its upcoming Huangshan chipset.
    According to Huang, the new processor should be Huangshan 2S, which will have a separate GPU.
    will be a dual-core chipset based on the RISCV architecture, which is not only more powerful, but also consumes less power.

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