Honda has set aside Rs. 260 crores to expand its sales network and push for SUVs

    As it prepares to bring sports utility vehicles into the market starting next year, Japanese manufacturer Honda plans to invest roughly Rs 260 crore together with its dealer partners to improve its showrooms across India to make them more upscale. This is according to a senior company official. There are currently 330 locations in 242 cities that makeup Honda’s dealer network in this nation.

    Honda and SUVs

    The project was started in 2019 by the company, which is present in the nation through a wholly-owned unit, but it had to be scaled back due to the pandemic’s effects on the business of the dealers.

    Honda has set aside Rs. 260 crores to expand its sales network and push for SUVs
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    According to the sources, Honda Cars India Vice-President (Marketing and Sales) Kunal Behl, said that with the COVID situation significantly improved, they are redoubling their efforts to overhaul the entire sales network and move it along quickly. Although there are still some issues with capacity and time, we are working to increase the number of outlets that receive renovations this year and the following year.

    The decision to upgrade the outlets is being made in response to the shifting consumer mindset and also aligns with the company’s future product push in the sports utility market, which will begin next year.

    Automaker and Dealers

    As per the sources, Behl stated that around Rs 260 crore would be invested in the remaining network in conjunction with their dealer partners. Over 100 stores have already been renovated with investments of Rs 100 crore from the manufacturer and its dealers to promote its new corporate brand.

    Honda has set aside Rs. 260 crores to expand its sales network and push for SUVs
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    Additionally, he mentioned that Honda now offers sedans including the City, City eHEV, and Amaze for sale domestically. The renovation of the facilities will include giving clients a more upscale retail experience and updating the face and appearance of the dealerships. Since client behavior is constantly changing, it is their constant goal to offer customers the ideal buying atmosphere and experience at the dealership.

    Furthermore, Behl added that with its distinctive exteriors, cozy interiors, and fresh user interface, the new dealership design and corporate brand are intended to improve customer experience and enjoyment. The updated dealerships include a fully integrated digital workshop management system as well.

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