Hogwarts Legacy: New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Character Creation and Games Main Features

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    Almost an hour of fresh gameplay footage for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy has been released by Avalanche Software. It highlights game elements like character creation and provides some context for the Hogwarts universe. Hogwarts Legacy has been eagerly anticipated for a while, so a new gameplay video and an improved understanding of how Hogwarts will appear in the game are certain to thrill fans.

    Harry Potter fans and gamers are uniting to form a super-community that cannot wait to get its hands on this open-world action RPG as Hogwarts Legacy rises to the top of the Steam Wishlist ranking. Those who have been following the game’s news are already anticipating its open-world setting and the chance to explore not only Hogwarts castle and grounds but also the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village.

    The first portion of the gameplay demonstration focuses on the game’s character creation feature, which enables users to design their own Hogwarts Legacy protagonist.

    By designing a playable character that closely resembles themselves, players may fully immerse themselves in the Hogwarts universe thanks to the character creation’s comprehensive features and abundance of options.

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    The showcase then shifts to displaying some of Hogwarts’ settings, allowing the game director to discuss the UI and Field Guide Challenges as well. As they tour the Castle courtyards and gardens, they also drop tips about how windows alter with the many seasonal changes taking place in the world and other similar gameplay features.

    The numerous RPG components of Hogwarts Legacy are also showcased, and players will be eager to experience chance encounters, dialogue with other characters, and make decisions that affect the game’s plot. Even though some features from the Harry Potter series, such as Wizards Chess or Gobstones, won’t be available, there will still be a lot of activities that players may participate in.

    The creators then move on to talk about fighting, showing off the spell wheel in the bottom right corner of the HUD and explaining how it will allow players to rapidly and conveniently access more than 20 spells. Although Quidditch is missing from Hogwarts Legacy, some fans will be glad to find that the fighting system is quite complex and that dueling will also receive a lot of attention.

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    Hogwarts Legacy launches February 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X with a Switch version also in development.

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