Here is the list of Top 6 Car Exporting Companies in India 

    For the last two years, the coronavirus pandemic situation has hit hugely to the automobile or car industry but now it is trying to get back the momentum. It was very challenging for the world’s Automotive Industries like zero sales for many brands, but now in 2022, the companies developed hugely and already started exporting cars to multiple countries.

    Last year all the launching cars are not the cars that were expected by the car manufacturers and due to the terrible situation, the car manufacturers have decided to push back the date of launches of the cars in the world. Now the industry gets stability and it is the most significant sector of the global economy. 

    Here is the list of Top 6 Car Exporters in India: 


    6. Kia 

    Kia is India’s one of the top most popular car exporter companies having 267,214 units that provided the company 31 percent growth. Kia Corporation is known as Kia. The headquarter of Kia is in Seoul. This is South Korea’s automobile manufacturing company. 

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    5. Nissan 

    Nissan, a popular Indian car exporter gives such a hassle-free experience with many features loaded into the cars. It is a Japanese can manufacturing company with trucks, and blues under such names as Nissan and Dastun. The company also designs and manufactures such products. 

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    4. Volkswagen  

    This German car company was established in 1937. This top car company is involved in the distribution, production, and design of engines, commercial and passenger vehicles, turbomachinery, and motorbikes. Volkswagen has 100 manufacturing plants in 27 countries. In 2020, it produce 8,900,000 cars. 

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    3. Hyundai Motor India 

    Hyundai Motor India is a completely owned subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea. Now this company bring its name to the list of biggest car exporters in India.

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    2. Tata Motors 

    Yaya Motors is mainly an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company, headquartered in In Mumbai. Recently, the company unveiled many fantastic EVs like Tata Nexon and Tata Sierra. In India, Tata is one of the best car exporting companies. 

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    1. Maruti Suzuki India 

    Maruti Suzuki formerly known as Maruti is one of the top car exporter companies in India. In India’s automobile sector they made a big name. We all have seen that the four-wheelers of Maruti are seriously less costly and long-lasting. 

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