Hawked will soon start its Open Beta in August 2023

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    My. Games, a European publisher and developer, has announced that Hawked, an extraction shooter, will enter open beta from August 3 through August 17. Hawked is currently accessible for free on PC via Steam and the MGLauncher, with a console and PC cross-play open beta anticipated for a later date.

    In Hawked, three-player teams battle to secure and recover artefacts from the distant island of X-Isle. To collect the artefacts and be the first team to successfully extract them from the island, players must fight monsters, other players, solve riddles, and escape traps. It has a cartoonish art design that is similar to Fortnite and Tomb Raider.

    Hawked allows for extensive character customisation, with a large selection of clothing, hairstyles, and colours to choose from.

    Players can also combine Artefacts, gear, and boosters to construct their ideal treasure hunter and tailor their gameplay to their preferences. Once discovered on the island, artefacts can be equipped to provide passive benefits such as the ability to transform into a shrub when crouching or providing a sixth sense for surrounding foes. Hawked presently has 21 artefacts and 14 gears, providing a diverse range of customisation possibilities and gameplay styles.

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    According to the developers, X-Isle offers a massive dynamic landscape, with each session forcing players to compete on new portions of the island. Treasures and Artefacts are buried throughout the game in boobytrapped temples and ruins, requiring players to solve puzzles to unlock them. X-Isle will evolve through updates, limited-time events, and seasonal releases.

    My. Games, which relocated from Russia to Amsterdam, has a large team of developers from all around the world working together to create games for mobile, PC, and console platforms. War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and many more are among its games.

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