Halo Infinite Season 5: Reckoning has a hidden easter egg in the forbidden arena map

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    This week saw the release of Halo Infinite Season 5: Reckoning on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass. Spartans have already found one insane secret on the Forbidden Arena map.

    To activate this Easter Egg Halo Infinite Season 5, players must press some floor switches in a precise order. Once they have done so, a hidden door that leads to a “golden sandwich” is unlocked. Halo enthusiast and social media user ‘UneeQ’ appears to have cracked the code first and details every step of the procedure needed.

    You must be playing Infection mode, and this delightful delicacy can be utilized as a melee weapon in battle. The whole sequence (as revealed by Halo subreddit member ‘Crespo2006’) is as follows:

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    Some Spartans on the same subreddit have deemed it a true symbol of Halo’s return to form, following the debut of Infinite’s multiplayer component. Aside from this revelation, Season 5 encourages more users to try out the Forge Mode, which now features an AI toolkit.

    Here are some features of Halo Infinite Season 5

    • *Season 5 has two Operations planned: Combined Arms, which begins on November 19, and Winter Contingency 3, which begins on December 14.
    • *The Bandit Rifle EVO is an evolution of the single-shot Bandit Rifle, which was released earlier this year. It’s substantially the same but with a more limited reach.
    • *Extraction, a popular game mode first introduced in Halo 4, returns. Extraction in Halo Infinite is similar to King of the Kill in that teams compete over a neutral region and receive points by successfully protecting it from the opposing team for a long enough period.
    • *The march toward true cross-core cosmetics is still ongoing. Helmets can be worn across armor cores beginning in Season 5.
    • *You can incorporate opponent AI into your creations in Forge, the player creation option in Halo Infinite.
    • A playable mode called Firefight King of the Hill will be available later in the season. No idea when it launches or what it comprises (343 Industries hasn’t revealed any information beyond the mode’s name), but it unquestionably seems like the finest PvE and PvP modes combined.
    • Finally, there is a prize for reaching your career rank’s maximum that is genuinely amazing. When you reach the maximum rank of Hero, the multiplayer armor kit for Master Chief’s suit from the Halo Infinite campaign becomes available.

    Halo Infinite Season 5 is available for PC and Xbox.

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