GTA Online December Update brings many improvements and Los Santos Drug Wars Update

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    The Grand Theft Auto Online December 2022 update will bring numerous changes to the game’s economy, vehicles, and overall gameplay. Even though the multiplayer crime simulator was released in 2013, Rockstar Games continues to support it with new features. Each GTA Online update expands the world of Los Santos, and the game’s December 2022 update will include several quality-of-life improvements requested by fans.

    The GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update, which will be released on December 13, was recently revealed by Rockstar Games. This exciting update will feature a brand-new job path in which gamers will cook and sell hallucinogenic substances for profit. These psychedelic chemicals will be generated in complex laboratories or mobile chemistry stations, transforming GTA Online players into Walter White from the television show Breaking Bad. The Los Santos Drug Wars update will also contain new vehicles and objectives, adding to the game’s extensive variety of illegal activities. The Los Santos Drug War update for GTA Online will be the first in a two-part plot, ensuring that the game will receive new content in the future.

    Along with the Los Santos Drug Wars update, Rockstar Games recently unveiled the rest of GTA Online’s new December update in a blog post.

    This month’s update will include several enhancements to the online open-world experience, many of which have been expressly requested by the community. Ray-tracing reflections are an especially intriguing feature that will soon be available via graphics settings on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Some Custom Weaponized Vehicles will also be available in GTA Online races, and the value of Shark Cards has been enhanced.

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    While GTA Online is currently a solid online crime simulator, Rockstar Games appears to be committed to expanding and refining the open-world experience. For example, an August update enhances the GTA Online island Cayo Perico with new races to compete in and buried wealth to discover. Cayo Perico, a tropical island, was added to the game in the huge Cayo Perico Heist update in 2020, although the place was completely devoid of intriguing activities other than the update’s title task. Fortunately, Rockstar opted to add a variety of summer-themed activities to the island, allowing players to tear through the beach in dune buggies or search the coastline for lost treasure.

    With the arrival of the Los Santos Drug Wars on December 13, GTA Online will soon provide a plethora of new content for both veteran gamers and new fans to enjoy. The next official update to GTA Online will also include several quality-of-life adjustments, such as allowing users to bring weaponized cars into races or pick specific contacts to display on their iFruit phone. Despite its nearly 10-year existence, Grand Theft Auto Online has remained fresh and exciting thanks to in-depth enhancements such as those in the impending December 2022 update.

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