GTA 6: Here are all the latest updates from the Upcoming Game

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    The most comprehensive information dump on Grand Theft Auto VI that we have ever received comes from a piece by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. It includes information on what to look forward to in the game as well as behind-the-scenes information from Rockster on its creation.

    According to Bloomberg, the game will have a Latina heroine, making her the first playable female character in a Grand Theft Auto storyline. The Bonnie and Clyde real-life couple who went on a bank-robbing rampage with their gang during the Great Depression will be an inspiration for this character and the other lead in the pair of leads. The other character in the partnership may or may not be playable by gamers.

    Project Americas is the game’s internal codename because it was originally intended to include substantial portions of the American continent. The game’s scope has been scaled back over time, though, and Vice City, a fictional version of Miami, will serve as its setting. According to the source, the game will still be rather big and have more interior areas than previous GTA games. Additionally, the company plans to gradually add new towns and materials.

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    It will be launched at some point during publisher Take-fiscal Two’s 2024, which spans from April 2023 to March 2024, according to certain team members who spoke with Bloomberg. Even though some people interviewed thought the game wouldn’t release inside that time frame but rather not before 2024.

    The game has been in development since 2014, which means that if it were to release in 2024, the development would take 10 years, during which time Rockstar underwent some significant changes. Numerous Rockstar employees spoke up about crunch and toxicity concerns in 2018, which is said to have resulted in significant cultural reforms at the firm.

    Employees told Schreier that Rockstar’s morale is at an all-time high as a result of scheduling changes, turning contractors into full-time workers, and the termination of several bosses who were perceived by those beneath them to be abusive and difficult to work with. While previous entries have largely been satirical looks at the United States, several employees pointed out in the report that satirizing the United States is more difficult because the US is already a parody of itself. This culture change has guided the content of the game, aiming to not “punch down” on marginalized groups.

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