Grand Theft Auto 6 will have far better graphics than Red Dead Redemption 2

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    Graphics in Grand Theft Auto 6 will be so superior to those in Red Dead Redemption 2 that the difference between them will be greater than that between the open-world Wild West game and Grand Theft Auto V.

    The next version of the RAGE engine, which will power the next installment in the series, will reportedly bring about some big advances in physics, the passage of time, rendering quality, and artificial intelligence, according to the French journal Rockstar Mag. It appears that Rockstar Games is doing something that has never been done, in addition to doing it better than any other game that is currently on the market.

    According to the source, the water physics in particular for Grand Theft Auto 6 would be unique from anything ever seen.

    The RAGE Technology Group at Rockstar Games has created a ground-breaking technology that will calculate water dynamics in real-time, indicating that the ocean will play a significant role in the game’s setting.

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    Vehicle physics will also be improved in Grand Theft Auto 6. The game will include more precise deformations and more realistic accidents because of the considerable increase in the number of vehicle polygons, and any damage will also affect how the car handles. To better capture the significance of Vice City’s nightlife, the game will also be the first in the series to use realistically simulated lighting. The weather system will also be dramatically improved over the last installment in the series and will have a big impact on gameplay.

    Although these new details about Grand Theft Auto 6 sound quite credible, we must treat everything said in Rockstar Mag’s report with a great deal of skepticism because the journal has a history of erratic reporting. Considering that the game won’t be released until March 2025, maybe it won’t be too long before we find out how much of the information in this report is accurate.

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