Grand Theft Auto 6 ratings have the fan base divided over the upcoming game

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    Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 leaks and speculations are currently rife, and the most recent one claims that the Australian government has given the game a rating. It’s interesting to note that the Australian Classification Board’s official website lists “Grand Theft Auto VI” as being classed MA15+. Its production company is also cited as “Rockstar Games.”

    Fans continue to disagree on whether it is legitimate, though. While some take it seriously and are now certain that an announcement is imminent, others dismiss it as a hoax. The official website of the Australian Classification Board lists the game “Grand Theft Auto VI” as having an MA15+ rating. It has been stated that the classification date is April 2, 2023. Other information is marked as “Not Specified,” but “Rockstar Games” is indicated as the producing company.

    Can this Grand Theft Auto 6 rating be accurate? Even the fans are divided

    Red Dead Redemption, a Rockstar 2010 game, had its South Korean classification changed earlier this year after being leaked in the same manner. The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game were subsequently formally confirmed in August.

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    However, it should be noted that this website also has ratings for other Grand Theft Auto 6 games. Actual ratings for Rockstar Games’ games deviate significantly from this leaked version, in addition. For instance, the author and publisher of the leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 rating are not identified, while “ROCKSTAR GAMES” is listed on the same website’s Red Dead Redemption 2 rating page. Therefore, this leaked rating is probably bogus or at the very least a placeholder. Since Grand Theft Auto 5 has been given an 18+ rating by the Australian Classification Board, some fans are also challenging the MA15+ rating.

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