Google Play Games for PC beta brings the fun of Android Games to big screen

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    The Google Play Games for PC beta has officially begun in Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. This means that customers from those locations who have Google Play accounts will be able to play some Android video games on their PC.

    The programme can be downloaded directly from Google’s website, and your browser may even urge you to do so at the bottom of the welcome screen. You can explore, download, and play the available mobile games after installing the app. Over 40 games are currently accessible on the site, according to Google, which is a respectable start for a test release.

    Genshin Impact, which has a large character roster and may be more demanding, is not yet available, but given that Android still lacks gamepad compatibility, this is not all that surprising. Instead, the catalogue mainly consists of well-known mobile games like Cookie Run, Idle Heroes, and those ominous-looking Garden and Homescapes games.

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    credit: pcgamer

    Given that all of these games are highly smartphone oriented, it’s difficult to evaluate whether they will actually gain from a PC interface. Even said, using a mouse and keyboard can frequently result in a distinct advantage, especially as more games are released. In any case, it’s convenient to have the choice to play these games on a large screen rather than idly draining your phone’s power.

    You might also need to quickly visit your bios and enable hardware virtualization in order to get Google Play Games for PC Beta up and running. On AMD processors, this is sometimes referred to as SVM or Secure Virtual Machine. This will make it possible for your computer to run Google’s game emulators, albeit it does raise the question of what other Android applications this might have in the future.

    After that, everything is relatively simple, especially since that Google has reduced the system requirements for this new program. It simply needs Windows 10, not 11, and the hardware requirements are also fairly low. a 4 core CPU and 8 GB of RAM with a GPU equal to the Intel UHD Graphics 630. The sole moderately tough prerequisite is an SSD with 10GB of empty space; if you’re not sure what to get, we have some recommendations. With these few prerequisites, the majority of PCs you have hanging around could pretty simply become a Google Play Machine.

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